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A couple of reasons why Motion City Soundtrack are my favorite.


It’s not because of their songs. What the songs say, what they remind me of or what they say say to me.
(Okay, maybe it is a little bit)
It’s their relationship with their fans.
Almost every time I’ve tweeted something to/about the band, I’ve got a response. I don’t even tag the band the majority of the time. They come to you.
Justin searches the bands name on twitter and Instagram and replies. It’s always a surprise when he does reply.
He’s replied to me almost 10 times now and I still smile every time. There’s not a lot of bands that will do that for their fans.

About an hour ago, I tweeted him asking for music recommendations, and he replied with some great bands.
He really is a great guy.
It’s why I’m proud to call Motion City my favorite band.

Justin is like the nicest dude ever

But MCS is really awesome to their fans. I’ve met Justin, Matt, Claudio, and Josh and they were all really sweet and took pictures with me (except Claudio, because he was brand new at that point, and I had just finished fangirling over meeting Justin, and he said hello to me and I didn’t realize it was Claudio until I walked away)

but yeah MCS are quality dudes in addition to being amazing musicians and uncanny at writing songs that shoot me in the soul


Reasons why it is a necessity that you follow Justin Pierre on Twitter:


I love motion city soundtrack so much.

Like, I just do, and have, and always will. Like 9 or so years. Damn.

They just never get old.


The Amity Affliction - Don’t Lean On Me 
on We Heart It


The Amity Affliction - Don’t Lean On Me
on We Heart It

pipers reaction to polly and larry is my reaction to polly and larry 



Okay, legit fucking crying.

You bet your elderly testicles I did.



Artist: Katarzyna Babis (Poland)

This should have more than 512 notes






four for you, punk rock jensen
you go, punk rock jensen

This is perfect 

The little gleam in his eyes in the last gif

One of lifes greatest mysteries is why people think Motion City sOundtrack is pop punk


Guys i need help

What are your favorite amity lyrics? Preferably 2-4 lines please?

I won’t die defeated

This song is written for each and every breath you take, because we’re alive. So take those thoughts of suicide and set them alight.

There is hope in my eyes, there is hope in these words. There are far too many reasons for you to stay here on this earth.


just wanna get rich enough to buy my mom all the shit she deserves